Things to Do in Muscat

Muscat activities and places to visit in Muscat

Muscat is a city of the region Oman and this is a small populated area of this region. This is beautiful place and one can enjoy the cherished moments of life in this city. We had a great time in Muscat during our trip ; smart trip planner prepared us for many adventurous activities. One must visit this place to see the beautiful city and the best architectural monuments of the city. There are many places to visit in Muscat and also many Muscat activities to do which are center of attraction which attracts the tourists because of the beautiful and breathe taking vision.


Best time to visit and weather condition:
You can visit this place around all year, but summer and spring are the best months to visit this place. Also you can visit to Muscat in the winter season and can enjoy the sun with the cold weather. In winter the weather is pleasant and one can enjoy his trip with this type of weather. And also you can enjoy the Muscat activities in this type of weather.

And also you can make your trip more adventurous by doing some recreational activities in Muscat. Some of the best recreational activities are:

Private 4*4 Desert and Wadi Safari:
Your 4 by 4 vehicle along with the charming Hajar Mountains, and will take you to the most beautiful wadis of the Muscat.  And this place is very famous for its lush green sights and water pools. And you can continue go forward and can reach to the desert where you can enjoy the camel riding.

Tour to Rustaq:
You will definitely enjoy the private day tour to the Rustaq. This is place where you can see the buildings and forts of the past era. Really this is a beautiful place and you and tourist love to see the Rustaq Fort.

Shangri La Barr Al Jiassah:
This place is like a wonderland and you can feel relaxed by sitting under the palm trees. This is a resort and here you can find the best services. This place is located between the jagged ochre mountains and the emerald sea.

Sports Activities:
You can enjoy this activity much during your trip. Sports are the best thing to spend the time during vacations. You can enjoy the different kind of sports over there in Muscat such as, camel racing, diving, cycling. And also there are some other adventurous activities are:

1. Climbing
2. Trekking
3. Archery
4. Bird Watching
5. Caving

These are some of the best recreational activities in Muscat and all these activities are famous among the tourists.

Also there are some other activities to do in Muscat which makes your trip special. For more information just visit the city travel guide on