Things to do in Rome

Best Recreational Activities

Among the various cities I traveled in Europe, Rome is my favorite city. The sites, history, construction and ancient buildings mark it as interesting reasons for plentiful tourists to flock in each season. Being the key city in Italy, Rome is rich for its traditional and cultural ethics. Standing on the banks of Tiber River it is spread over 27000 sq. meters. The most outstanding fact I admired was the museums and galleries in the city. This city of seven hills speaks out tradition and art. I suggest summer as the best season for a comfortable travel and sightseeing, or spring is the right season which accompanies Christmas. Thousands of Christians gather to attend churches during Lent and Easter. Apart from sightseeing, there are quite a lot of Rome activities to do and enjoy. Let us run through a few things to do in Rome  which I have enjoyed.

Exhilarating Recreational Activities

Roman Empire
Roman Empire

Segway Tour – the electrifying experience which I enjoyed was the Segway tour around Rome, where I floated from one sight to the other with automated instructions from headphones. This was my personal mode of transport and I had an inimitable experience. I consider this as the imperturbable ride of this century. Never miss these special Rome activities as a part of Rome tourism.

Gladiator Lesson –to learn the secrets of the gladiator games and get to know about the Roman history, gladiator schools teach you handling and fighting with authentic weapons. The historic members of the group lead the classes and teach about the ancient history of Rome. Grab the opportunity and educate yourself about Rome’s history.

Chariot Racing –is one of the most famed races held at Rome from the past. Here the whole family can sit together and enjoy the race. The Circus Maximus is where the races are held and it can accommodate nearly 250,000 people. The red, blue, green and white where the teams and betting was also practiced at this race. This is one of the popular recreational activities in Rome which must be enjoyed.

Theaters, Music & Dance
Theaters, Music & Dance

Theaters, Music & Dance – is one of the most important feature where the Romans give importance. The Roman theaters were open aired buildings which played two types of performances the tragedy and comedy. Romans are the ones who founded the performance called pantomime. Concerts and music were their greatest entertainments and can be found on the streets too.

Outdoor Activities – June to September is the peak period for outdoor activities. So plan your trip during the same season to enjoy performance, drama, jazz concerts, cultural events, rock, outdoor cinema and lots more. Most of these happen under the sky with sparkling stars as partners. Religious celebrations are also a main activity in Rome. So never miss these splendid and rocking performances as a part of your vacation

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