Saint Louis Sightseeing

Places to See in Saint Louis, Saint Louis Places to Visit

St. Louis is one of the best cities in the country and there are ample Saint Louis places to visit that are absolutely free. When we say free, they are not pretty small things that most cities offer, but are major attractions were drinks, tours and rides are managed absolutely free, you can also plan your trip for that place. Let us explore some of the renowned centers here that are worth not a miss by tourists.

Best places to visit in St. Louis:

1. St. Louis zoo:

St. Louis zoo

People in St. Louis are proud of their zoos. They are not just considered as the top zoos in the country but the safaris across them are offered absolutely free. The zoo has more than 5000 animals to offer a unique experience to their audience. There are ample scopes for children to have fun on the zoo line railroad and in the children’s zoo.

2. Science centre in St. Louis:

Science centre in St. Louis

The science center offers hands on experience for the entire family. People could test their knowledge on the fossils of dinosaurs available in these centers. People could learn a lot on the universe in the planetarium here and all of these services are offered absolutely free. Special exhibits and the OMNIMAX theatres demand a small admission fee though.

3. Art Museum:

Art Museum

This art museum is one of the best places to see in St. Louis has more than 30,000 paintings, drawings and sculptures and has some of the top collections of the 20th century. There are kid friendly tours organised every weekend with special music concerts on Friday nights.

4. City Garden:

City Garden

This is a pretty new attraction in the downtown of St. Louis and is a park in the busy city filled with wading pools, fountains and sculptures. This is perhaps one best place to enjoy an evening with family and kids, who love playing on the warm meadows.

5. The Muny:

The Muny

Saint Louis sightseeing is not complete without visiting this largest and the oldest outdoor theatre in the city and holds live performances in summers. This has been a tradition in the Forest park of Muny for about a century now. The musical concerts are organised in the mid June and ends up in August every year. There are more than 1500 seats available for every performance and are filled in a first come first served basis.

6. Tours in Anheuser Busch Brewery:

Tours in Anheuser Busch Brewery

This is a free guided tour for people to explore how beers and other drinks are prepared, along with insight on the history of beer making. The latest technology used in the drinks is discussed here, with free samples for people above 21 years.

7. World Bird Sanctuary:

World Bird Sanctuary

This Saint Louis place to visit offers the best chance for tourists to have a closed angle look at the bald eagles, owls, vultures and many distinct birds. The sanctuary is also the best place to learn on the near-extinct species of birds through seasonal shows and educational programs hosted often.

8. Cahokia Mounds:

Cahokia Mounds

The history of St. Louis is depicted through these Cahokia mounds which are an ancient archaeological site with the most advanced civilizations, located to the north of Mexico. This has been named as the world heritage centres by the United States as it holds a remarkable role in the history of America.

St. Louis is one of the interesting, affordable destinations in the world with significance on history, for more information on St. Louis travel, St. Louis sightseeing and allied information, visit


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