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Enjoy the Splendid Nature of Southern India Through Recreational Activities in Munnar

Munnar is the best recreational facility in southern India, ideal for couples and honey mooners. The climate and the friendly landscapes of the land are splendours worth spending the entire holiday. Though the place gets excessively cold in winters, it is the best summer destination for travellers and tourists and the place was loved by the Britishers during their colonial period. Munnar stays as the most popular vacation spot and there are ample recreational activities in Munnar to delight the tourists. Some of them are existent by nature here while many activities were created to help tourist spend an explicit holiday here.


Recreational activities:

Boating: boating is the most common leisure activities to do in Munnar for tourists and residents here and the Kashmiri Shikara boat ride is quite famous here and occurs at the Kundala Lake present in Munnar. Boating here is fun, worth not a miss and the boat rides are a romantic gesture for couples who could connect the splendid scenery with their romantic lives. It is good to visit Munnar at favourable weather for the sake of safety as boating is done only when the climate is apt.

Trekking: Munnar is gifted with the best mountain ranges and the wavy mountains and tea gardens are the best location for outdoor devotees. Munnar has been announced as the best trekking spot in the entire southern India. Though trekking could be tiring, it is good to get bond with the wilderness and trekking would be a self-fulfilling trip here.

Rock Climbing: the intense of all Munnar activity is rock climbing which best fits for sports fans to test their stamina and challenge the rock faces of these mountains. The youth could also take their chances in rappelling and have the best shop of their holidays with the help of vacation planning.

Cycling: for people who are exercise freaks and expect their daily doses, it is great to experience the solemnity of the destination by walking across the nature filled roads or take a bicycle ride. The foothills of the walk ways are excellent to explore as a couple. Bicycles are also available for rent in these shops.

Tea Plantation: Munnar is known for its tea plantations and after years of success in the industry, the tea estates have expanded their plantations and are now open for the public to visualize. The best mind activity to do in Munnar is to grab some idea on tea processing from the gardens.

Though the entire day goes with strenuous activity in Munnar, it is good to relax after the day’s work at the high cottages and hotel accommodations here, upgraded to world class standards in quality and comfort. Websites like would help to locate Munnar activities, accommodations and draws a path for the best holiday in south India.