Best Train Vacations and Tours Around the World

Travelling by train is one of the most relaxing and laidback ways to travel, where you can sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty around. Across the globe, there are some beautiful destinations which are also home to one of the best train rides. These train rides vary from being for a few hours to even more than one week.

Here are some of the best train vacations and tours around the world.

1. Glacier Express (Switzerland)
From: Zermatt
To: St. Moritz

Glacier Express
The Glacier Express is without a doubt, the best known train of Switzerland.
The majestic Alps of Switzerland, against the perfect blue sky and the lush valleys make the train ride on Glacier Express a scenic treat. This train passes through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges, during its 7-8 hour ride. During the ride, the train takes on an ascent towards the Oberalp Pass, at 6,670 feet, which is the highest point of this line, followed by a steep descent towards Disentis. Plan your holiday with best trip planner for your vacation.

2. Hiram Bingham Orient Express (Peru)
From: Cusco
To: Machu Picchu

Hiram Bingham Orient Express.jpg
This is a vintage Pullman style train adorned with rich and fine tableware. One of the most luxurious train rides, Hiram Bingham Orient Express is a full-day round trip, connecting Cusco and Machu Picchu, in Peru. During the journey you will witness the scenic beauty through Urubamba River Valley, along with a brunch and a four course dinner.
The train passes through the misty mountains of the Urubamba River, agricultural terraces, and colourful villages. When the train summits near the crest of the Machu Piccchu, it is at more than 7500 feet above sea level. Taking the possibility of altitude sickness in consideration, Coca tea and oxygen are made available.

3. Rocky Mountaineer (Canada)
From: Banff
To: Vancouver

The Rocky Mountaineer is the world’s largest private owned luxury tourist train company.
This is a 2 day rail journey from Banff to Vancouver. On this train ride, you can indulge in cooked-to-order meals, and no-limit snacks and cocktails served by the hosts on the train. The stunning beauty of the glacial lakes and rivers, green forests, black lava canyons and cliffs, and even some wildlife, including a grizzly bear or a bighorn sheep, that pass through on this train ride makes this journey an absolute pleasure.
To get the best of the views, the seats in front of the first Gold Leaf car are the way to go, which is a glass-domed section on the top floor of the train.

4. The Ghan (Australia)
From: Adelaide
To: Darwin
The Ghan is a 26-coach long train which travels through incomparable scenic beauty of Australia, along with camels and kangaroos.
This is a 3 days 2 nights journey covering 1,845 miles, which lets you experience the vastness of the Australian Outback. The train halts at Alice Springs and Katherine for 4 hours, during which you can stretch your legs and explore the surrounding areas.
The Platinum class is 3 times more expensive than the Gold class, but worth booking if it fits your budget. The seats in Platinum class come with private cabin and en suite bathrooms.


10 Reasons to Plan a Las Vegas Trip

You may think of casinos and a completely wild party scene whenever you think of Las Vegas, but there are plenty of other reasons to plan a trip to the sin city. Here are the top 10 reasons for you to plan a Las Vegas Trip:

Las Vegas

Enjoy the Entire Zip Line Scene
The Downtown Zipline in Vegas is one of the best attractions to visit. It is an experience of a lifetime that you most definitely must undertake when in Las Vegas. It is thrilling and offers great views of the city. Organize your vacation through trip planner for your upcoming holiday.

Visit the best of hotels

BellagioRight from the Palazzo to the Wynn Encore to Bellagio, there is a whole list of hotels in Vegas that you most definitely should visit just to experience how awesome they are. Each hotel has its own speciality to offer to you.

Lose and earn through the casinos
There are various casinos in the scenic city of Vegas. Each casino has different variations of gambling which can make you win or lose, depending upon your luck. But Vegas is known for gambling, so you most definitely should try it out!

See the magic through your eyes
There are various magic shows that happen in a lot of hotels and they are nothing like the ones you have seen before. Vegas has a penchant for magic and each of them is unique in its own way.

Absorb the vibrant nights

las-vegas-night.jpgWhile promiscuity is one way in which you can describe Vegas, the lovely city is most definitely vibrant and lively through the entire night. The streets are dressed up to the maximum and taking a walk through the town is just what the travel doctor prescribed.

Shop at one of the most coveted places
Vegas has high end labels and street side shopping which is damn awesome. Just like the city,you can end up picking kinky and different stuff to take back with you as a memory.

Visit the amazingly unique museums
Interested in different experiences- well here are the ones you should try out in forms of Museums in Vegas- Neon Museum, Mob Museum, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Springs Preserve and many more amazing attractions to include in your itinerary.

Enjoy a heartening brunch

The Egg & I.jpgIf you hear the locals, then the best places to try out brunch in Vegas are- Andiron Steak and Sea, Honey Salt, The Egg & I, Eat, Echo & Rig as well as Park on Fremont.

See the natural attractions
The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Springs Preserve and Mount Charleston are just a few of the must see natural attractions in this lovely city nestled in midst of Mojave Desert.

Drink till you drop
Well, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas- the awesome night clubs in the Vegas Strip have amazing experiences awaiting your arrival.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Las Vegas, provided you pick the best ones for yourself.

Planning a Trip to Austin on Your Own

Being the state capital of Texas, Austin has a lot to offer to anybody whose wanting to explore it. Known for its killer music scene and a mindblowing university campus, Austin is definitely one of the liveliest cities in the whole of USA.


Here is how you can go about planning a trip to Austin yourself:

When to visit?
Each weather has something different to offer. Here is how Chicago is during each season:

  1. Summer (June to August) – If you are able to bear heat and want great prices for your trip, then this definitely is a time you must visit Austin in.
  2. Autumn (September to November) – You can not only enjoy the lovely weather at
  3. this time but also mingle with the crowds completely during this time.
    Winter (December to February) – Snowfall is a rare occurrence but it is a great time to visit during this time.
  4. Spring (March to May) – Definitely the best time to visit weather wise, the heat is kept at bay and the rates are completely worth the experience that Austin has to experience during this time.

Where to go?
There are plenty of attractions that should feature in your itinerary while planning a trip to Austin. Use travel itinerary planner for your next vacation.

The top ones are:

1) Zilker Park

Zilker Park.JPG
It is the perfect attraction for experiencing the tranquil nature of Austin. it has canoes,kayaks and a lovely lake.

2) Texas State Capitol
Since Austin is the state capital of Texas,The Texas State capitol is where the Senate members sit. it is a grand structure and the architecture is remarkable.

3) Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake.jpg
Austin has a lot of lakes. The lady bird lake was made with the purpose of being a cooling pond for the city but since then has established itself as a popular tourist attraction.

4) Barton Springs Pool
This attraction is perfect when you want to do something recreational on your vacation. the swimming pool stretches over 3 acres and maintains a comfortable warm temperature throughout the year.

5) Lake Travis

Lake Travis.jpg
Lake Travis is another popular lake in Austin which you can visit to have a peaceful evening and to connect with the locals.

6) Mount Bonnell
Perfect for hiking and climbing, Mount Bonnell is a must visit why planning a trip to Austin.

How to travel?
To get to Austin,you can opt for a flight, rail or bus. Austin has a major airport in US and most major airline carriers serve the airport. The public transport is quite developed as well. You can get around Austin on foot, bus,bike,square patrol or use the highly accessible taxi system.

Where to eat?
There are plenty of amazing restaurants and eateries in Austin. The best options to try out are:
1) Magnolia Cafe
2) 24 Diner
3) Uchi
4) Roaring Fork
5) III Forks

Even for accommodation, Austin has various options in all categories of budget. if you plan a trip perfectly, you sure to have a great time in Austin.

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Travellers warned after barefoot paradise beach walk earns couple parasitic foot infection

Travellers are being warned of the risks of walking barefoot on a beach “somewhere tropical” after a Canadian couple contracted a hookworm infection on holiday in the Dominican Republic.


The young pair from Ontario were staying in Punta Cana earlier this month when they returned from a stroll on the beach and noticed their feet were “incredibly itchy”. Upon their return to Canada, what they assumed were harmless bug bites developed into painful swollen blisters and unusual bumps on their toes.


Southwest Adds More Superbowl Travel Options

On Monday, Southwest Airlines Co. added additional nonstop service options between Boston and Minneapolis and Philadelphia and Minneapolis. The special flights are on sale now at for football fans traveling to and from the big game.

Travel Options.jpg

For More Source:

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend in New York City

Wondering how to plan a perfect trip to New York within your busy schedule, and devote just the right amount of time everywhere? Well, your favourite travel site TripHobo brings you the best plan to spend perfect weekend at the Big Apple aka New York City.


New York boasts of some of the best hotels in the world, even at your pocket-friendly prices. Put up at any among the amazing hotels that our online trip planner shows you, gathering the best ever deals from different reputed international websites complete with details of amenities, services, customer ratings and reviews.

Landing in New York on a Friday night, if the bustling spirit of the city overpowers your jetlag, head straight to Times Square and get mesmerized in the sparkling world of enormous billboards and dazzling lights. Or customise your best-suited travel plan using our Custom Plan Feature.


Begin your morning in the most elegant way visiting the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art and The New York Public Library. Do not miss out on the Guggenheim Museum or American Museum of Natural History.

Choose a breakfast joint or Cafe which suits your taste the best from the Add Activity feature which brings to you the list of All New York restaurants.

Next up you may visit the beautiful Central Park in the middle of the city of skyscrapers. Visit Strawberry Fields, the memorial to your favourite Beatle the legendary John Lennon.

Visit the Grand Central Terminal station and prepare to be left spellbound by architecture at its finest. Or as always, alter and create your own customised plan.
Thinking lunch? Again our list of amazing restaurants comes to your rescue ensuring you waste no time to search for a good place to eat.

Grand Central Terminal station

Now it’s time for some shopping. Choose from the list of best shops that we show according to your desired expenses.

If time permits, don’t miss out on Rockefeller Centre, and of course the view from atop the Empire State Building.

It’s been a long day, unwind at the coolest bars of the city, choose happily from our list and pre-plan it all.

Excited? Next time you’re thinking how to plan a perfect trip, you may like to consider TripHobo over any other travel site.

May be you want to start your last day at New York with the grandest of the grand Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Or maybe you wish to check out what the hullabaloo really is at Wall Street. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum will surely touch your heart deeply. Design your plan in the best possible way.


For the special Sunday brunch, consider the most elegant restaurants that we provide you with a long list of. Post brunch; take to exploring the beautiful city again.
Do not worry about transport and travel time from one place to the other. We have already included the best options in your itinerary.

You can choose to put the best ending to your perfect weekend by suiting yourself to some of the amazing relaxing options, be it a jazz club or a Broadway show. Choose your own and design a plan which can make your weekend perfect. Budget estimates are already provided by us, whether you’re planning alone or including your travel buddies to help you make the best use of our wondrous travel planner.
Get your backpacks ready. What are you waiting for?

Best Tips on London Travel for Solo Women Travellers

Every year, thousands of girls, young and recent, visit Europe on their own. As a solo girl, you are a lot of approachable than a handful or a Solo man. You will create friends from everywhere the globe, and you may have experiences that others will solely envy. Once you travel with a partner, you wish to compromise, your focus narrows, and doors shut. Once you are on your own, you are receptive the instant. That is why London is filled with single women travellers every year. You may plan your holiday through itinerary planner for better experience.


Best places to stay for solo travellers:
It is better to stay in hostels and you may have an integral family (hostels square measure receptive all ages). Or select little pensions and Bed and breakfast where, wherever the homeowners have time to speak with you. Take a walking tour of a town to explore London travel to study the city and meet alternative travelers, too. If you are staying during a hostel, check its message board — some hostels can organize cluster tours.

Eating out:
Contemplate fast and low-cost alternatives to formal feeding. Strive a self-service café, a local-style fast-food edifice, or a tiny low ethnic eatery. Visit a grocery store and acquire a picnic to dine in..Dine in the members’ room of a hostel; you will always have companions. If you eat alone keep yourself busy to avoid unnecessary problems as a single women traveller.

London food.jpg

Protecting yourself from stealing:
As a woman, you are usually perceived as being a lot of at risk of stealing than a person. As there are ample things to do in London, women should not engage in them and overlook the safety options. It is better to carry a daypack rather than a handbag. Leave expensive-looking jewellery reception. Keep your valuables in your belt and tuck your notecase) in your front pocket. Keep your camera zipped up in your daypack. In jammed places (buses, subways, street markets), carry your daypack over your chest or firmly underneath one arm.

Dealing with Men:
If you ne’er see men, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to find out regarding the country. So, by all suggests that, see men. Simply select the lads and select the setting.

In geographical area, you will not draw from now on attention from men than you are doing in America. In London, single women travellers will get a lot of attention than you are accustomed.

London attraction.jpg

Be aware of cultural variations. once you smile and appearance a person within the eyes, it’s usually thought of a call for participation. Wear dark spectacles and you’ll stare all you wish. Dress with modesty to attenuate attention from men. Take your cue from what the native girls wear.

Handling Harassment:
The means you handle harassment reception works in London too. Men might imagine that if you are alone, you are accessible. Keep your stride assured and appearance far from men making an attempt to draw in your attention? If a person comes too near you, say “no” firmly within the native language. That is typically all it takes. Tell a slow learner that you simply wish to be alone. Then ignore him.

Hope we have offered the best possible travel information to London for single women travelling alone.