How to Stay Healthy in Trip to India

India- the land of mystique, spirituality, colors, lights and a melting pot of cultures, make it a special addition to any traveler’s bucket list. The iconic Taj Mahal, the Palaces of Udaipur, the craziness of Delhi and Mumbai, the beaches of Goa and the peacefulness of Pondicherry- you will be spoilt for choice.

However, the fear of having a ‘Delhi belly’ is something that scares off any first time traveler and often you will be tempted to cancel your flight tickets after reading all the blogs which claim India to be a health No-No!

If you are one of those stubborn minds that still want to see the country, here’s our list of must-know travel tips in India which will soothe those worries straight away.

1. Get your Vaccines

Get your Vaccines
Do a quick study of all the vaccines you need to have before you visit the country and you will sail right through your travel dream destination. Do a research of any medical diseases going around the region you are travelling to and you will be much thankful for the efforts later.

2. Carry a Set of Medicines

Set of Medicines
Foreigner often complain about getting belly-bouts when in India and the best way to deal with it is to carry some medications from a trusted doctor in your city. Keep medication for stomach ailments, skin allergies (if you suffer from some) and don’t forget to carry mosquito repellents even if you are doing okay.

3. Keep Pollution Sickness at Bay

pollution mask
If you belong to a ‘clean’ air city, pollution in India can take a serious toll on your health. Wear a pollution mask when travelling in open vehicles and avoid reaching out for those cigarettes.

4. Sanitize

Clean your hands before and after every meal and carry anti bacterial wipes with you to make things a tad bit easier. If you are travelling to remote places, know that water is a scarcity and sanitizers do go a long way.

5. Find a Fitness Activity

Fitness Activity
Having a fitness activity always (even before you visit the country) helps boost your health and keeps you away from all the germs. Whether you decide to go to a gym or simply enroll for a Yoga class, the routine will keep you in shape, stress-free and healthy.

6. Boost up Your Immunity

immunity boosters
Most of the travelers fall sick due to low immunity. We say gear up on those immunity boosters with probiotics and a rich food-life to keep those diseases at bay.

7. Bottled Water Goes a Long Way

bottled water
Perhaps the most useful tip for anyone travelling around India is to dink only bottled water. Make sure that they are sealed bottles and have the standard ISI mark on the bottles and you are guaranteed pure drinking water.

8. Know where to Eat

gourmet restaurants
The most tricky part is to know where to eat in India. Your safest bet is to go to places which are crowded and ditch the places which are surrounded by a few people (unless you are visiting elite or gourmet restaurants, of course). Search the internet to read reviews of an eating-joint you are about to visit and don’t forget to take a close look at the sanitation of the place.

Another must-know tip is to not eat anything given by strangers and decline with a polite smile.

With these handy tips, your visit to India will be a smooth cruise. For planning an effortless travel itinerary to India, use Triphobo- the easy online travel planner.


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